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Action isn’t just the consequence of motivation, but also the source of it.

Oftentimes, we only do something if we are motivated to do it. And we only feel motivated when we feel that spark of inspiration. The problem with relying on motivation to propel us into action is that motivation is fleeting. It comes and goes, sometimes arbitrarily. I might feel motivated to do something one day, but the next day the motivation could be gone. Moreover, motivation is situational. It is based on how you feel at a given time. If you feel like doing something, you’ll do it. But if you’re not in the mood, you won’t. I’ll be the first to admit that I am very guilty of succumbing to this mindset. I allow my emotions to determine my actions. Too many times, fear, the desire to make something “perfect” (the antagonist of my productivity), or simply, my propensity to put things off (procrastination…) has inevitably led me to inertia; to not do that thing at all. The thing is, motivation alone is not enough. Far from it. The most successful people in the world seem to …

Depression: Just because you can’t see someone’s pain, doesn’t make it any less real

The truth is, depression is not rooted in tangible reality, it is not logical or objective. How someone appears on the outside doesn’t adequately capture their internal reality and state. Depression is subjective and complex, but it is someone’s reality nonetheless. People are often fixated with the “why”. They try to understand the reasons behind someones depression, asking questions like “Why do you feel depressed?” and saying things like “A lot of people have it a lot worse!”. The thing is, depression is not rooted in logic. As Stephen Fry aptly put it “There’s no reason. If there were a reason for it, you could reason someone out of it, and you could tell them why they shouldn’t take their own life.” The way we talk about and treat people can have a significant impact on their well being. Invalidating someones feelings can actually make them feel worse so be kind and empathetic always, even though you may not understand their why.

Season of Change

Hi, I am Sarah! Welcome to my new blog. I am a digital marketer currently in design school. I have a deep-seated curiosity for understanding people and a penchant for daydreaming. This is where I will write about the stuff I’m passionate about – digital marketing, design and psychology. Stay tuned for my posts.